Cozy Tech


Cozy Tech.

Photos by @mike_sunday


Hat: NikeLab x Off/White (purchased at pop-up in NYC) (2017)
Vest: NikeLab AAE 1.0 Men's Gilet (2017)
Shirt: Nike Women's Tech Fleece Dress (2015?)
Bottoms: Nike Women's Tech Fleece Trousers (2016)
Jacket: Jordan x Public School Long Bomber (2017)
Backpack: Supreme (2017)
Socks: Jordan (2017)
Sneakers: NikeLab Zoom Fly SP


Tech gear is my way of wearing sweats without going OD cozy. The pants are cut like trousers to deflect that they are still in fact sweatpants and I'm wearing a men's tech vest to disrupt my all-black outfit. The tall tee is actually a (Nike) dress and the long bomber was a dress for a previous outfit just days before. The shoes have a sheer upper which I play with sometimes - this time it's with socks that say Jordan across the front. Fun, right?

Excuse the frizzy hair - it was raining this day. It's also worth noting that had I known it was going to rain, I would not have worn these shoes.

Sadly most of what I'm wearing is no longer available (this is me at peak hypebeast) to buy but it's pretty easy to achieve a similar effect.

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